The Hush Programming Language

Hush is an object-oriented programming language with similarities to Smalltalk. It has many powerful features and a very clean syntax.

See the features page for a list of Hush's features and examples of their use.

Release 0.8.4

Major feature addition release: hush-0.8.4. Two new features: exception handling and closures. All expressions can have an 'except' block following them which handles any exceptions raised in the expression. Closures capture the current scope in a block of code and return an object which can be evaluated later on. Closures can also take arguments and are thus a form of higher order functions.

Release 0.8.3

A mostly bug fix release: hush-0.8.3. Fixed problems with compilation of short circuit expressions. Still no automake. New feature: unbound method calls - method calls can now be objects in their own right and kept for later application on one or more objects.

Preview release 0.8.2

The first public release of Hush is available: hush-0.8.2. Please note that there is no detection of system type and automatic configuration so it may not work! I have it compiling and running under RedHat Linux with gcc-3.0.2 and it should be fine with similar Linux and also Unix systems with X11R6 libraries.

Example code

Below are some example programs written in Hush.
"Hello world"
This is the standard "hello world" program in Hush:
class Test
	single run is
		"Hello world" println
The string "Hello world" is an object (of class String) and by sending it the message println it displays itself to stdout.
A simple raytracer
I wrote this simple raytracer in a few hours. You can see what it is capable of below.

Embedded application - Robocup

One of the driving forces behind Hush was for its use in the Robocup competition. The high level AI for the control of the Sony AIBOs was implemented in Hush, where the virtual machine executed byte code which in turn commanded the low level vision, walking and other things. Our team ended up coming 4th out of 19 in the world! We are the blue robots in the picture below.

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